A Kaleidoscope of our favorites


  The Brothers Cheetah -Looking Forward    The Cheetah Brothers -Looking out    cheetah_03    cheetahs on the move 2    cheetah_success_2

"The "Brothers" -- What are they looking for?  How much conversation?  Did they "catch the rabbit?

elephant_mother_and_child            elephants_protecting baby_elephants             giraffe         hippo

Mother and Child                Mothers protecting babies        Long and Tall    Time to Take a Nap 

hibiscus flower 03 flower 04 flower 05

           Some of our favorite pictures taken in Tanzania.  They are similar to those of Hawaii

lions rubbing heads   Maasi with heard   bird  leopard

Let's rub heads                Watching the Goats                  Beautiful!                        Leopard

zebras at play  Migration Moving  bambie  zebras

Here are some other scenes from the Migration in Tanzania