Robert Vierck

Robert is a retired businessman.  After graduating from Penn State (BS, MBA) in 1964 he started working for Chrysler Corporation in Highland Park, MI.  He was always involved with the evolving computer industry and eventually owned and operated DSSI - a computer service organization located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  DSSI provided services throughout the Hawaiian Islands and across the Micronesian Islands as well.  Eventually he was involved with GPS Golf Cart systems for Hawaii and international courses from Australia to Spain.

Robert moved from Honolulu in 2004 to take over the service operations for a GPS company in the East and retired in 2005.

In additon to fly-fishing for trout, he is the Vice President of the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited and volunteers with the Bellefonte Art Museum.

Robert enjoys photography (especially the occasional fish) and concentrates on flowers, animals, trees and scenery

You can reach Robert by emailing  -